Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lose weight with Baba Ramdev! It works wonders!

Burning your pockets on physical trainer? Starving in the name of dieting? Stop it all and switch you lifestyle to how Baba Ramdev preaches a healthy living! It is almost legendary, how thousands of people have been benefited by the easy, and inexpensive ways of a healthy living that Baba Ramdev has shown! Here, in this write-up, we are discussing the tips to weight loss given by Baba Ramdev. Follow them and find yourself healthier, fitter and less obese in a few days’ time!

·      Pranayam
The first and foremost tip to weight loss given by Baba Ramdev is to dedicate an hour to pranayam – a series of simple positions and activities that speed up the process of fat loss under the skin, and makes breathing a more regular phenomenon. There are a few consecutive ones, namely, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Baharya, Anulom Vilom, Bhramri and Udgeeth. All these pranayam steps are to be practices for an equal period of time each. Practiced daily, they cause a slow and steady burning of the fat layer.

·      Yogasana
There are various asanas that Swami Ramdev teaches in order to lose weight naturally.  Cycling in a posture that includes lying down on the back with hands laid beside the torso is one of them. This helps burn down fat of the thighs, tones up the abdomen and reduces extra fat deposits around the waist area. Yogic jogging is another valuable suggestion for weight loss by Swami Ramdev.

·      Food habits
Baba Ramdev asks to have control over the tongue. The regular diet that we generally have contains a lot of fat and carbohydrates. It measures less in terms of vitamins, minerals and proteins. The case has to be reversed. This is another marvellous weight loss tip by Baba Ramdev. Exclude sugar from your food as much as you can. Have tea and coffee without sugar and with little milk. Eat as much vegetables as you can, cooked or uncooked does not really matter. Chapatis and rice has to be minimalised. If the craving is just not negligible, tear off the upper thin layer of the chapatti and consume it without ghee. This keeps down carbohydrates while still fulfilling the need to have grains. Each as much unrefined food as you can. Refined things add to the fat deposits in the body. And whenever you feel the necessity to munch onto something, grab a fruit and fill up your desire. Refrain from drinking soda based beverages; they are slow poisons to the body.  If you follow this kind of food routine, you are sure to burn down a few calories in a short period of time!

·      Lifestyle
In this era, when professional achievements have drowned down health concerns to the point of pitiable conditions, living a good, natural and humble life is necessary for all, says Baba Ramdev. Don’t take a vehicle for distances that can be covered on foot. Eat out less, this will not only help reduce weight, but also save you additional expenses that con be otherwise used in a better way! Small families need not hire a maid for household works. They can be done by the lady of the house. That is how women can remain in perfect shape and sound health without any additions time dedicate to physical exertion. And last but not the least, spare some time every day in the morning or in the evening to tone up your body through exercises and other physical exertions.

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